Investment directions

Technology, Media, Telecom, Bio-pharmaceutical, High tech, renewable energy, new material, Advanced manufacturing, High-end equipment manufacturing, Environmental, Modern service industries.


Investment concepts

All members of Guozhong Venture Capital’s core management team are seasoned, each with experiences of over 10 years. Our aim is to persist on the integrality of value investments, maintaining integrity and professionalism, with high regards on the Importance of post-investment management while following strict standards on risk management.

 l  Value Investment

Persisting on value investing in a timely manner rather than following others rushing into new hypes. 

 l  Professionalism

Evaluate and cultivate our strength to reflect our expertise and professionalism.  

 l  Post-Investment Management

Provide expertise on the financial market and linking up businesses as parts of our post-investment services.


l  Risk Management

Project investment and risk management are equally important in determining success.


Our mission

Guozhong Venture Capital aspires to be a trust worthy and well respected outstanding investment institution. Guozhong will do its utmost to ensure Small Medium Enterprises Development Fund (Shenzhen)LLP succeeds in helping Small Medium Enterprises’ developments, making sure the Fund achieves political targets and become a model example for all regional entities of the Small Medium Enterprises Development Fund.